Thursday, May 12, 2011

Taking a break

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned on this blog that, if you take away the blogging, I don't really think I am from this generation. Here is a list of things I do not have

  • A smart phone - my phone plan doesn't even include texting. I would much prefer a phone call anyway
  • An ipod - technically my husband has one but we can't get it back from someone after leaving it while in England
  • A love of facebook - I was going to delete my account, but then it made keeping in touch while abroad a bit easier. I'm considering deleting it again
Those seem to be the big three. This blog is the only thing that does not fit and is also something I'm going to take a break from for a while. See, Maria is definitely my priority and I don't always have a lot of time for the computer. I try to check my email before my husband leaves for work and then, depending on length and location of naps, I may not do so again for the rest of the day. I wish people understood that and still enjoyed using phones. It is nice to hear people's voices and I can talk and pay attention to Maria, but I can't type because the needs two hands.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that entering into motherhood is going to make me even less like my generation, as blogging will no longer be the odd category since I won't be doing that either.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another week gone by..warning, gushing mommy

I already feel like my baby is growing up! She is well past her birth weight and getting close to growing out of some newborn clothes. Does that mean she is no longer a newborn? If that means she is closer to sleeping through the night I will be happy, but some other parts I will miss. She keeps the newborn baby smell for a while right? Nothing better than that!

Well by week three we have done some growing up
Maria has rolled over twice - strong girl! Too bad she still doesn't realize she was in control of doing that :-) I'm not a totally unrealistic mommy when it comes to her abilities

Maria has also consistently used our bathroom sink as a toilet. So far I haven't saved a lot on diapers but I have on laundry. She no longer pees during a diaper change and we haven't had any blowouts. It is much easier to clean and disinfect the sink. Hooray for elimination communication.

This morning, Maria also put herself to sleep. She woke up when I put her down and instead of crying she just looked around for a while and went to sleep. I think that is the first time she had done that without be picked back up and comforted
- not that I mind holding her most of the time. It is nice to have some time to catch up on things though.

In the meantime I have grown up a bit and realized that some of my ideas going into parenting are not going to fly. Back to my quick takes, I have to accept my limitations and accept help. It's been a long, sleep-deprived and glorious three weeks!