Monday, October 10, 2011

Six Months

My baby girl is growing up. Now being a mom isn't considered a full time job. I keep getting questions - what do you do to keep yourself busy? Well, other than spending all day with my baby, getting chores done, maybe some cooking, and working out I wonder. I mean all you moms out there know how much free time we have. So here is a look at my typical day last week. We had a good week!

This was Friday
6:45 - get up and let husband get ready for work after he watched Maria for a bit while I got some sleep.
7:20 - leave for daily mass at 8
8:30 -coffee and donuts in the social hall, go and meet some of the parishioners at our new church
9:30 - head to mall to get some walking and socializing in with a mom and two girls
12:30 - go to Target to pick something up for an NFP class
1:30 - finally have time for a gourmet lunch - pb&j
2:00- nap time (mom included)
4:00 - chores (can't remember which were on my list last Friday)
4:45 - playtime!
5:15 - Maria took another nap - weird, some time to myself
6:30 - dinner with husband
7:00 - family walk
7:45 - bedtime routine
9:00 - a few moments with Husband to discuss the week, the upcoming move, our NFP class we taught the next day and a million other things we were supposed to discuss
10:00 - collapse into bed - what a thrilling Friday night!

I also go to La Leche Meeting twice a month, am part of a Bible study and book club, teach NFP and give presentations on top of the fall class we teach. I've also started playing guitar again while Maria plays in her jumper. Being a stay at home mom has challenges (among the numerous joys), but I have not found boredom to be one of them :-)

And speaking of my lovely 6 month old daughter. She is doing well, still a social butterfly - new people make her so happy and she them. She is balancing better while sitting now so I don't need to stay right next to her. Her new favorite toy is a metal whisk. And she can say "dada" although she doesn't realize what the accomplishment it is since she is just learning how to use her tongue and not actually talking. I wonder when she will get mom and dad's names right.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Great Way to Empower the Poor

through NFP

This article even includes footnotes with sources.

How can we get the word out in the US? I was so sad today when I heard on the radio how our Vice President supports the one child policy in China that leads to forced abortions and more. If only our leaders new and believed that there is a safe, natural and practically free alternative to all the "family planning" methods they promote.