Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A week of highs and lows

We'll start with the low items first so we can end on a wonderful note

Last week a lot of pro-life people were pleased to hear that the Susan G Komen foundation stopped giving grants to planned parenthood. What a great help to women to focus more on cancer research and screening than to fund an organization that provides abortions which happen to increase your risk being diagnosed with breast cancer. That didn't last long though, senators and pro-choice groups gave Komen such a hard time that they reinstated the grants. How did that happen?

Another low is the fact that Catholics as well as people of other faiths will lose some of their freedoms in 2013 when employers will be forced to provide (pay for) birth control, abortion pills and sterilizations when it is against what we believe. Can someone tell me why the country is picking a fight with the Catholic Church when they run so many hospitals around the country? Please don't say women's health trumps religion because too many are saying that and I love my Catholic doctor who treated my symptoms by removing endometriosis surgically instead of putting me on hormones and not explaining what could be causing my pain. For a funny and eye-opening analogy check out Kaitlin's great post here.

Now for the highs

I heard about a couple pregnancies - praise God for new life!
I also became an aunt. I have a beautiful niece that I will finally be meeting tomorrow. I can't wait to see how Maria reacts to having someone younger than her in the family :-)


  1. Hey J-
    I hope your time with your niece is amazing. I saw Melissa's pictures and she looks beautiful!
    I do wonder though about the top part of your post. I am having trouble seeing where the bible does not allow birth control?


    1. The old testament talks about Onan's punishment for"spilling seed" in Genesis 38:9-10 and how that was wicked in the sight of God so he was put to death. There are other references if I looked more into it. Catholics believe that God created us with times that are infertile and we are free to use those times. Theology of the Body is a beautiful work that JPII spent a lot of time proclaiming. While it can be hard, I have been blessed by it and am healthier for it. I don't ask that the country share my beliefs, just respect them.

      To make an environmental argument, the hormones are affecting us and animals. I eat organic, hormones free foods and I would like my body to be the same