Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Living in the UK

We made it to our new home with only one struggle - an ATM machine that was out of money. We thought our card was being declined until we found another machine before getting into a taxi for the trip to the city. Although sleep deprived, it has been a joy seeing the new culture and meeting so many friendly people.

The customs officer was even nice when asking all the questions about "what will you be doing for 5 months?" since I am technically only allowed to visit and not reside in the country. I don't think I was convincing in saying I'm going to travel...for 5 months. I listed places in the UK and Europe and she let us through - no one even felt the need to search our bags even with the 10 or so bottles of vitamins! They just trusted me when I said that's what they are. Will then chatted with the taxi driver to get some insight on our new home which apparently has a great night life - all the college students come and stay.

Another trademark of all of Europe - lots of smoking and drinking. It's just part of what they do and the norm is to have a glass of wine at meals - Will had no problem joining in this afternoon while I was the odd man out and got tap water. We went to a nice Italian place and the food was delicious. And just in case I get homesick, I can walk to a TGIFriday's. I have not spotted a panera yet.... but I am proud to say I already walked back to the apartment by myself without getting lost.

Speaking of the apartment, it is beautiful and small. The bedroom has a curved wall so you can walk around the bed but the curtains are beautiful (finally!) and the headboard is a design statement. It also houses the one and only closet in the apartment. The kitchen lines a wall with a two person table opposite. We have half a fridge and dishwasher! Not much freezer space, so I'll have to get used to cooking and not having the luxury of freezing leftovers. I guess I can make time in between all that traveling I'm doing. The bathroom is nice with a large shower and the living room is tiny but sufficient. Bonus: laundry in unit! Only it is once again European size (meaning half of ours) and is one appliance with two functions - washer and dryer. I'm interested to see how that works out.

For those of you who know me, you will not be surprised that I am almost completely unpacked and already utilized some of the organization items I brought. That will leave me time to upload pictures tomorrow and maybe even write a thinking post this week, though I think most of you would rather see pictures first, especially since I never did post a picture of my new short hairdo.

I guess I will end by saying I feel blessed to be here but I will miss all of you. Do feel free to comment on here or email me. Writing correspondence may be my fill in part time job! So far I'm still winging it on what will be keeping me busy during these months of no house work or paid work.


  1. Hi Jenelle!!

    Hope you don't mind- your mom forward the email. I am happy to hear that you two made it safe and sound to England without any complications. I was there oh about 11 years ago and LOVED it. I am sure you will as well.

    Have fun and enjoy the time because I am sure it will fly by quickly. I'll write more later.
    Jennifer (Fisher)

  2. Jen,

    I'm quite excited you found the blog. It is exciting being here and lonely. It is good to hear from familiar people :-)