Friday, September 10, 2010

Quick Takes (10)


Since I said this blog would help people keep in touch with me, I thought I should get back in the habit.


Ever heard of the phrase "the less you have to do, the less you get done" that's how I feel in the last couple weeks. The house is pretty clean and I'm slowly making progress packing up all our stuff, but I'm just not motivated to do all the things I finally have time for - like catching up on some important reading and reconnecting with friends. Maybe this last week in my house will force more motivation - I move out next Saturday!


Still no visa, but the plan is to fly out Saturday the 25th. I can't believe in two weeks I could be in a different country.


The first weekend of October my husband is flying to Ireland for a conference. Since he will be busy all day while he is there I thought I would get myself acclimated to my new home. Strange that the first weekend abroad will be spent on a different island than my husband. I hope I don't get lost too many times!


I am surprised by the generosity of people when it comes to my moving. My family is helping (not as much of a surprise) and some of my husband's co-workers who I have never met. They volunteered to help pack up our things next weekend. Hopefully that lowers the stress of the move.


I have to say I love fall! Summer was so hot this year that I have found it very exciting to wear jeans this week. I'm going to miss driving through some of the scenic roads in this area as the leaves change colors in October. I wonder what fall looks like in Leeds, England.


Speaking of fall, I thought I would end with a question: What is your favorite part about fall?
My answer: going to the apple orchard to get apples (specifically some honey crisp) and donuts. I wonder if I will get a chance to do that this year. I hope everyone enjoys a lovely fall weekend!

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  1. Good luck with your move! I bet fall in England will be beautiful. And after your last quick take, I'm craving apple cider donuts :)

  2. I'd say that is one of the better, less crazy pregnancy cravings to have eh?