Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Changes and more Changes

Sorry I have been quite silent the last few weeks, a lot has been changing in my life and I couldn't process it all online. Now that I have, here is what I have been up to:

A couple of weeks ago I spilled the beans about going to England before my dear husband got around to telling everyone at work. That would be why the post got deleted before everyone could see. That didn't stop me from preparing for the move. I have packed up boxes and boxes and been reminded of how much stuff I really have. So far it has mostly been books and some kitchen stuff we don't use often. I'm so glad we got my aunt's china and not new since only the serving dishes have been used in 2 years of marriage.

Back to the exciting part of the news though: I'm moving to Leeds, England for 6 months! It was never a dream of mine to live abroad, but my husband has been wanting an opportunity like this for a while and I'm glad to sup
port him. I'm also glad that they speak English even if I do have a bit of trouble understanding them at first. Now we just need to get the visa approved and make sure I have all the documents necessary - whatever they may be.

With the move I will no longer be a house-sitter or a cat "owner." It has been hard thinking about leaving my two room mates behind but glad someone else is coming in to fill my place taking care of them and the house. What a change that will be for them - laid back couple to excited 3 yr old (and mom).

The changes seem to keep coming in my life, and I believe that means this blog is going to change a lot as well. I've promised to keep in touch with my family so I suspect this blog is going to become less about thought-provoking questions and pro-life themes and more about my life in England and all the excitement that will bring. Everyone is welcome to continue reading and I hope I won't completely stay away from the important topics but it may become more me focused and less society focused like my previous post on corporate policy.


  1. What an exciting time. I'm glad you'll keep blogging while in Leeds - will be great to have this as a way to stay in touch!!

  2. yay! I'm super excited that this is real! I had read the post and then couldn't find it again, so I was begining to think I made the whole thing up! anyways, you'll have a great time. I've actually been up to Leeds and its gorgeous! As long as you like rain :) Wow, again, congrats to your little family and i'm looking forward to seeing the changes in your blog as they relate to traveling (although I'm probably a little biased :) )

  3. wow - what a small world. Can't believe you have been to Leeds even though I know you have definitely traveled. I'm hoping to keep writing even more often than now and glad you have been updating from Mexico!

  4. I only went to Leeds for like a day and all I remember is the train station. Still, it is so tranquil and serene, you will have a great time!