Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Due Date

I still haven't watched that movie even though Will has been home for a couple weeks. I'm glad he is close by - makes the uncomfortable evenings much better.

So the big question is - when is the big day? Well I used to tell people the official due date (today) now I just have to say whenever she is ready. I don't know when the big day will be, but I"m getting excited for it. I'm also trying to stay relatively busy so I don't obsess over the fact that my baby is "late."

I went out to eat with my darling husband last night and then went to a book club group. It was so nice to be around a great group of girls and not think about the lack of signs that labor is starting/will start soon.

Today I went to the chiropractor - so helpful in the last trimester! I went to Whole Foods and got lots of yummy food and ran some more errands. It is nice having some relaxing days to myself. Can't wait to give the big announcement that she is here and reveal the Top Secret name :-)

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