Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The first two weeks

Well Maria's two weeks have seen some major ups and downs. First she wasn't getting enough milk (as seen by a lack of dirty diapers) so we supplemented with formula a few days. Now she is well over her birth weight (8lbs 2 oz) at 8lbs 8oz! She's such a big girl.

The next week I got an infection and went on antibiotics which I am still taking, but Maria is continuing to eat well and all my doctors said it was safe to feed her while on this medication.

As we enter the 3rd week I got tired of being peed on and thought I would try elimination communication earlier than planned. Since she decides multiple times a day that it's a good idea to pee when her diaper is off - resulting in a messy changing table, baby, and/or parent - I gave her the opportunity to go in the sink instead. That would be easy to clean. On our first try we were successful. One less dirty diaper and one large mess avoided. That is my highlight of the day :-)

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  1. You are so cute! Can't wait to meet your baby girl.