Monday, April 4, 2011

The Waiting Game

With two days until the expected due date (which means nothing) the waiting game has started. No false alarms and no unreasonable annoyances - just intense anticipation and a bit of discomfort. When does she want to come out?

The waiting game is hard but purposeful. I need to keep learning to remain in the moment and count my blessings that are right in front of me. I've had fun catching up with friends and inviting new ones over to my apartment. It has been great getting back in touch with extended family and being spoiled by everyone who asks if they can get me anything. I keep reminding myself I'm already a mom and there is a little miracle present with me every moment of every day - safe and sound. I don't hear anyone crying and nap time can be any time of my choosing. Pretty soon I will be following someone else's schedule and learning lots of new lessons.

I can't wait! Looking forward to meeting our little one soon.


  1. How exciting!! Think you'll still make it to book club? I know we won't get to see you for a little while after the baby's born... :-)

  2. Yeah I was planning on making it unless labor starts before then. No signs to lead me to believe that will be the case.