Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2 more weeks

until the expected due date. The question "when are you due?" is now asked daily by just about everyone. I tend to give ambiguous answers that seem to tick people off more than I'm ticked off about answering it again. Saying something like soon or beginning of April is just not specific enough for people. Makes me wonder - why are we so focused on the exact date since we know this baby has a mind of her own on when she wants to enter the world anyway?

So I have approximately 2 weeks, or however long baby stays comfortable, to enjoy my freedom and finish reading etc as people say. I haven't done much reading since I've been home, but I have washed just about all the baby clothes and my moby wrap. Now I have to start on the blankets and hooded towels. I have diapers, wipes, and shampoo/body wash. I have somehow managed to not pick up baby powder or diaper cream - who knows what brand to get anyway?

My apartment is moved-in and organized. Yesterday Will helped me finish hanging things - no more pictures on the floor! The extra room is a mess and the crib is still at my parents unassembled. However, I do have a co-sleeper, lots of onesies, sleep and play outfits, swaddling blankets and car seat figured out so I think we are prepared enough.

I've had no signs of labor or false labor yet and I haven't gotten that burst of energy that seems to proceed labor on the day of - no desire to clean though I have grudgingly kept up with most of that. So for all of you that have been waiting for an update - I'm doing really well, getting a bit uncomfortable, and see no signs that this baby is going to have an aqua marine birth stone. April birthday and diamond birth stone all the way ;-D


  1. I've never used baby powder or diaper rash cream yet. Sounds like you're set to go!

  2. Good to know! As I think I am done with baby shopping trips - time to organize what I have