Thursday, March 3, 2011

Settling In

Well I'm home and starting to adjust to the time difference. I'm still going to bed earlier and waking up earlier than I would normally though - it is being a slow process. However, that means I am quite productive in the morning!

I've done lots of nesting in the forms of unpacking and decorating. I think I have a place for all my wall art which is a surprising amount of pieces! It didn't seem so much when everything was spread throughout the 2000 sq ft house we were sitting while the owners were in China. I'm amazed I even have a spot for everything in an apartment only 900 sq ft. So, having a livable house came first in the nesting instincts, but I'm about ready for that baby shower and actually getting ready for this little one too! I can't believe how quickly everything is coming up now.

With all that I have done, I haven't been able to get a quick installation appointment for my internet. My time here will continue to be sporadic until next Friday. Why do we always have to wait so long?

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