Monday, February 28, 2011

Nesting - finally!

Hello to everyone - I am safely back at home! I also have no internet or tv so I'm in the business center of my apartment complex.

To make a long story short, my flights on Saturday went very smoothly. My parents travelled with me and it was nice to have them drive me to my new apartment. On the other hand, my airport experiences were not so wonderful. We had some problems checking in with doctors' notes and a very pregnant belly. We made it for the final boarding call to Amsterdam. We practically walked right through the airport and onto our next flight to Detroit. When we landed at 5:05 the airport didn't have power, then a medical team had to address a medical emergency before we were allowed off the flight (I think the ladies turned out to be okay) and I was glad that didn't mean me. After going through customs and filing a claim for my lost luggage we finally left the airport at 7:45. I had not planned on being there that long and was super thirsty and ready to be home.

My luggage has arrived and I have enjoyed two days of major nesting. I have unpacked most of the boxes that were left for me but have yet to find any silverware. I got a pretty shower curtain and can't wait to decorate! It will be a busy week leading up to an exciting weekend. So happy to be safe in the states and done flying for the near future :-D

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