Friday, February 11, 2011

Quick Takes (11)

For those new readers to my blog, quick takes is a Friday event hosted by where you can go and read hers or many other who link to her site. It's kind of fun to put 7 random things up instead of trying to think of some topic profound enough for it's own post. Here is my homecoming version.

Week until my parents arrive in England - many people are excited to meet them.

Weeks until I am home and excitedly going over to my new apartment

Weeks until my side of the family hosts a baby shower. What fun and what a test. I must not let the names slip...

4Align Center.
Weeks as a "bachelorette" with a fabulous friend and room mate to help me settle in to my new place - did I say I was excited about that?

My baby is nearly that many pounds already as she was over 4 (according to doctors) at my ultrasound last week. Okay, I just really needed a 5 and this was the best I could think of so far.

AM is a common time when baby wakes mommy up because we are either very hungry or very active. I've gotten up a number of times but usually end up taking a morning nap later because 6am is just so early when you don't have a job to get work at all day.

Weeks plus a couple days until expected arrival of our precious baby. That seems both way too close and super far away. I'm hoping that my new place :-D will keep me distracted and busy while I wait those four weeks for husband and few more for baby. Unlike many women, I'm not going to hope for an earlier arrival date. I want daddy to be well adjusted to the Eastern Time Zone first!

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