Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Packing Up

My parents arrived on Friday and we had a wonderful weekend with my cousin who was in from Scotland. Then Monday I showed my parents around the royal armouries museum and realized why the city has been so crowded - all the families are out and about because kids are on mid-winter break this week!

Yesterday Will and I walked my parents to the train station for their mini trip to Scotland. Edinburgh was so beautiful and close I said they just had to go! They also took my phone and computer with them. That leaves me with the business of packing up during the day while Will is at work and I have no access to a computer. I have packed one suitcase and, right now, it looks like I won't come close to filling all my luggage - but isn't that always the case? Then in the end you are struggling to get it closed. At least that is how my packing goes.

I have a long to do list now and I'm so excited to get home and nest. Especially since I have recently finished my cross stitch project for the baby - all except name, birth day and weight. I'm also going to add baptismal date so we remember that important day as well :-)

To all my local readers - I'll see you soon!

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  1. I LOVE the idea of adding baby's Baptismal date!! I will have to remember that. Actually, Jason and Amanda called this year to wish Grace a happy New Birth Day on her Baptismal anniversary. So sweet...