Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back to Reality

I know I keep repeating myself, but I just can't believe that my parents will be here tomorrow! I'm thinking a lot more about home and all the organizing I need to do. Luckily I like organizing so all the unpacking and putting away will just be extra fun with my nesting instincts finally unleashed.

I'm also thinking more about the causes I'm involved in back home and how I am so thankful to have those groups. Most specifically, the natural family planning work I do. If I were to go back to school to get a real job (as opposed to teaching), it would have to be in a field that works with marriage and family. It is the only topic that seems to keep my interest. It is also a topic that I have shied away from while here. I needed to step back and observe the culture which is so different from my niche back in the midwest.

Reflecting on my time in the UK - I have loved the experience. I have been surrounded by people much different than those back home. They are great and friendly people; however, religion is a taboo topic and most people find it strange that anyone would get up early on a Sunday just to go to church. Those who don't find it strange most of the time say they are for this or that religion but rarely attend. I never realized how "Christian" our culture and country still was. My eyes have been opened a bit and I have enjoyed getting to know Will's co-workers. It has been interesting to see how different marriage and family life is over here. It is the norm to talk about having children before talking about a wedding. They are great parents and a committed couple, but marriage just isn't seen as a big deal over here. There is no fight over marriage and what the definition should be like in the states. It is just not emphasized by either side. Marriage seems to be stressed by religious groups, and their influence is a lot weaker in Europe. If you don't believe based on my short experience this post is composed to people writing in who are long time residents of Europe and back up my statement.

All my work with NFP (natural family planning) has given me the opportunity to really look into what marriage is and how it changes you. I'm blessed to be with someone who is supportive of my passion for this topic and tolerates/participates in conversations that include words about female anatomy that many wouldn't want to hear. I'm so excited to go home and talk with others about it again and so excited that a few emailed me with questions while I was here :-D

So, to kick start the move back toward reality and my ministry, I thought I would mention a talk that was recently sent to me from a good friend back home. Most things I knew, but it re-motivated me to spread the word about important information dealing with marriage, family and how our bodies are made. The physiological aspect behind the bond of marriage and the benefits of natural family planning. If you are into science and biology, you will probably like it. For example, the speaker talks about the differences between the biology of men and women. Men's language center is in the amygdala of the brain and women's language center is near where we process emotions which is why we talk about our emotions and men have to think about it more. We are complimentary in so many ways!

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made


  1. Yeah, it was quite interesting (and many times quite sad) to read about the religious climate in other parts of the world! Thanks for adding to that picture with the outlook on marriage (as cringeworthy as it might be)!

  2. One other consideration to get back into the NFP teaching world... on Faith & Family, they do a weekly "coffee talk" on NFP every Wednesday - might be a good place for you to chime in!