Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life at Home

I am still without internet, but that gives me an excuse to get yummy soup at Panera :-)

Things are settling down. I had a shower on Sunday and was amazed by and blessed with many great gifts. Things are all put away if not completely organized and I have gotten to take some naps. I've also been to get a massage and an adjustment by a chiropractor. I've got to get some pampering in now right?

Will is still abroad and leaves for a snowboarding trip on Thursday. He gets home on the 19th and I have that day excitedly marked in my calendar - finally I'll get bunches of foot rubs again ;-)

Until then I am just trying to stay calm for this baby. My grandma was recently moved into hospice so we're praying for her and Will's safe return home.

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  1. Lux perpetua luceat ei, Domine. Requiescat in pace.