Tuesday, January 18, 2011

29 weeks in numbers

29 wks pregnant and I won't get started on how weird everyone is about counting pregnancy

7 wks until my first baby shower

3 transatlantic flights completed, 1 to go

4 visitors to the UK, 4 to come

3 days until my trip to visit Scotland. My doctor was excited about this and not concerned in the least (he is from Scotland)

3 months spent in the UK, 1 month traveling outside and 1 month until home

2 - the number of times I actually did a kick count, my little girl moves all the time so I don't have to consciously think about or worry over her movement habits :-)

1 month to spend on a different continent from my husband (I will have his voice on tape for our relaxation exercises)

Countless ounces of milk consumed throughout

4 strange food cravings I will not give in to - taco bell, pop, oreos and doritos
Many more that I have - Italian food, chocolate, smoothie, etc

1 new and strange pregnancy symptom - carpel tunnel on my right wrist. Good thing I'm left handed! And luckily it comes and goes so I don't always feel pain.


1 amazing husband to take care of me and top secret throughout the 40 wks whether on the same couch as us or across the world. He won't say yes just to please me, like if I have an oreo craving, but he has done a lot to make sure I am comfortable, relaxed and above all healthy! My least favorite part of that - fish dinners to get in my Omega-3s and other nutrients so vital in the third trimester. Tough love - good practice for when top secret doesn't want to eat any veggies I guess.


  1. you're so close!
    i don't think i realized you were calling the baby top secret. did i miss that somewhere?

  2. I think I mentioned it quickly in one post - easy to miss. I still haven't gotten the hang of calling her that and am a bit worried about letting the name slip out when visitors come again