Monday, January 31, 2011

Life Back in Leeds

I have decided that, other than going home again, I am done traveling distances more than an hour. At nearly 31 wks my body is starting to force me to slow down and travel less. Well I actually listened to it this weekend. We stayed put right in the city center.

Friday we had pizza and drinks with some of the guys and Saturday we taught a couple how to play Euchre. For my non-Michigan readers that is a popular card game in my area. It was nice to actually be an expert on something as opposed to trying to follow shop talk or other UK topics. Earlier that day we also saw the movie Tangled. I know it came out back in Nov or early Dec for the states, but this was the opening weekend here. I do not understand release dates in the UK. Some are timed close to the states and some are months behind. It was a good movie though and I'm glad I finally got to see it.

Sunday we went to church, went out for a Sunday roast and then just relaxed. It was easy to do in my apartment that had been cleaned and organized the day before. After all, I have to get some of my nesting out here so I am distracted from the fact that all my stuff is in boxes in multiple places back home with no apartment to move them to when I return - at least not yet. I've scouted out two nice apartments (from what I can tell online) that I might try to sign a lease on this week with the help of my friend/temporary room mate and mom. I'm excited to have a home with closets to go to in the states, hopefully that gets taken care of soon.

The count down has begun - 26 days until I travel to the states. About 26 days after that my husband returns home. Less than 26 days after that we meet our precious bundle of joy! How exciting!


  1. So glad you enjoyed your Sunday! I've been trying to get all the cleaning and laundry done on Saturday so I can just rest on Sunday with my husband, and it's wonderful!!

  2. I liked Tangled, too :) Let the countdowns begin!