Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A bit of Scotland

Two years ago my cousin got into vet school there and is finishing his second year now. Before he left of course I said I would come visit, but thought that would not necessarily happen - Scotland being so far away from Michigan. Well I lived up to my statement last weekend! Friday morning Will and I got up super early (as in before 7) to catch a train to Glasgow.

My cousin was wonderful and even gave up his room so Will and I could sleep on an actual bed - much appreciated by me and my stomach :-) He also showed us around Glasgow and Edinburgh. We got to hear about his classes, life as an international student, his travels and Scotland. There were a number of things we didn't end up seeing, but Edinburgh was beautiful and we made it to some wonderful views even if we didn't walk all the way to some of the landmarks. We even got home from Edinburgh in time to put on American football and watch the Packers beat the Bears.

By Monday morning when we boarded a train home I was exhausted and ready for a day off from lots of walking. I did some laundry and took a nap finally summoning the energy to meet Will where he was having a drink with a co-worker so we could have another day off from cooking. Today I get another day off besides a quick trip to the grocery store. Have to thank Europe for forcing me to make sure I get the needed walking exercise every day.

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