Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

New Year's was a blast. We all dressed up for a fancy party with a three course (plus coffee) meal and a Queen Tribute Band. I'm not a hardcore fan, so I thought they were good while my brother-in-law had some complaints about the playlist and butchering of one of the harder songs. They may not have been as good as Queen, but it was entertaining. When they finished a dj continued the music well past the new year.

We requested a few salsa songs and I didn't do too bad - big belly and everything. There were a few steps where I was not quite as graceful, but it was fun anyway. Then Sweet Home Alabama came on and I decided someone HAS to line dance to that song. So I started a line dance and Will joined me. It was just the two of us the whole time. I don't think they know line dancing in the UK and someone was so impressed he came up to us and commented on our awesome dance moves :-)

After the party we watched True Lies though I didn't make it very far and I vaguely heard the alarm go off at 3:45am for my in-laws to catch their taxi to the airport for their 6am flight. The next couple days I didn't see much of the morning. Glad we went to Saturday evening mass because I would have missed the Sunday services.

Despite all the fun holiday activities, I have started to realize just how close I am to meeting my lovely daughter. She is getting more and more active and my belly is getting bigger and bigger. I have less than two months in the UK and can't believe I will be flying at 34 1/2 wks along. What I found even more shocking is that Will plans on coming home March 24 after I have reached 38 wks. When did I agree to this? I had a pregnancy moment meltdown and reiterated that I will not see the movie Due Date for fear of Will not flying home in time - someone tell me Robert Downey Jr gets there for the delivery.

I'm glad I didn't dwell on the dates too much when we chose to come because I could make myself sick thinking about what ifs. Will and I followed where we felt God was leading us and whatever happens will be okay. In the meantime, might as well enjoy living here a while longer and hosting many visitors. One comes today in about an hour! So excited :-D

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