Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moving and Growing

It is hard to believe that yesterday marked 26 weeks. I am clearly showing and I was a bit nervous about how people would respond to that while I was traveling by myself. I got a doctor's note just in case but never needed to use it. I'm also thankful that both flights were smooth and I got through customs without any extra questions.

It's getting harder and harder to keep the name a secret as I am often asked what we picked. I've taken to telling people the name is Top Secret as in Top for the first name and Secret for the middle name. It will be interesting to see if our first child gives our second child a name like Dot (the name my cousin's son gave his sister due in May) so we can just talk about that name. Other than Top Secret, Will and I have not found a nickname we like. I don't know if I like Top Secret either, but it gets the point across that we want the name to be a surprise.

I love using my daughter's name when talking to Will but I have to be careful around all the visitors that are coming around now. She is getting so big and strong I can feel her rolling around now. Will has enjoyed the extra strength kicks he has felt since I returned to the UK. Baby girl is quite active which is keeping my mind at ease and helping me avoid purposefully "counting kicks" since I notice more than 4 most hours.

Our next milestone - starting birthing classes next week. Hopefully, after the class, I will be able to give a lot more detail on what this crazy hypnobirthing is all about.

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