Sunday, December 19, 2010

Seasoned Traveler

At least I consider myself one now. I have traveled alone across the ocean and had to change flights coming and now going. I hope to leave tomorrow and make it to London where I will become more of a seasoned traveler by taking the tube (subway, metro) to the train station in order to reach my final destination. I also feel like a more adult traveler since Will and I did a pretty good job in a country that speaks a foreign language and even used the metro to get everywhere - no expensive taxis needed.

The good news in all of this is that I never had to spend the night in Amsterdam and my wonderful in-laws will be taking most of my luggage for me since they arrive within 72 hours of me reaching Leeds.

The bad news is that the stress of changing flights again, being away from my darling husband and being 24+ weeks pregnant has left me a bit emotional the last few days and I surrendered to my root beer float craving justifying that the all natural ice cream I bought was good dairy for me :-D

I can't complain too much since I got to see a close friend, go to a white elephant Christmas party, visit my grandma and sing in the choir because I missed my flight. Even so, here's hoping my next update comes from Leeds!

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