Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

And I finally got my Christmas wish. My flights went amazingly well and baby girl didn't seem to mind too much about being in the air that long - I even got a bit of sleep overnight. I pampered myself and took a cart in Amsterdam so I would be sure not to get a cramp from walking 20 minutes in a huge airport with luggage and the person who sat next to me during the flight took my bigger bag and carried it to customs where I said I could handle wheeling it around.

Customs was my next big obstacle. Were they going to accuse me of living with my husband (technically not allowed without a visa) or would they trust that I'm a visitor at his place? Well the guy I got must be in the Christmas spirit and didn't question me at all. I also never needed to use my doctor's note and was only asked by one passenger if I was afraid to fly being pregnant and all.

In the end, I am relieved to be back in England and I even beat Will home from work since customs was so fast! I decorated with Christmas cards we received at my parents' house before I left and I found a gift that was left by St. Nick so I got to open it when Will came home - I new nativity set! More decoration for our little apartment. Now I'm not so sad we don't have a tree, especially since there is one in the lobby and we are heading north for the actual holiday.

Well I have said quite enough about my travels. Will and I wish you all a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year! I'll have to make sure to take another picture sometime during all the Christmas festivities so I can get an updated one up here. After all, I am now over 25 weeks and the belly is starting to get much rounder :-)

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