Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We have just witnessed a rare "treat" in England - snow in November. I was told by a local that this has not happened in at least 17 years. It is beautiful and not too cold but you can definitely tell it is winter. The streets in Leeds are decorated with lights, so it is easy to be reminded that the advent season has started. What a great time to wait for the birth of Christ the King.

And wait I did! I spent a total of 11 hours away from home traveling to, sitting in, and leaving from the airport. While I could complain about the lack of information - including the fact that the airport had completely closed while my flight still simply said delayed - I will write more about the positive. I met some nice people that were supposed to be on the flight with me. The company helped pass the time and keep my stress level down. I was given a free dinner and I was able to cut in the taxi line and join a group that was headed in the same direction. That means I was home for a second late dinner and the mulled wine party at our complex where I ate mince pie for the first time ever.

I am home with my husband, not on my way home to the rest of my family, but I am happy to be home. I am currently on hold (34 minutes and counting) with the airline to figure out what is going to happen whether it be a change in itinerary or a refund. I will keep people updated with the details when I have some.

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