Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paris - C'est l'amour

Will and I just spend a fabulous 4 days in Paris. It was strange not being part of a large Thanksgiving celebration but, even so, we enjoyed the holiday. We started by being thankful for the growing little one and started our baby registry! Will wanted to help me pick out some of the big things and so that's how we spent the time in England before our train left. In London we got a panini with turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce and felt like it was a bit of a Thanksgiving dinner even if it was small and missing mashed potatoes.

In Paris, Will was impressed by my French which was mostly unneeded. I'm still pretty good at asking where important things are (like our hotel, a street or a bathroom) and shopping/ordering food; however, most people heard my English accent and answered in English even if I had asked in French - so my French speaking stopped at that point with most people.

We were able to see the Mona Lisa before the crowds came in on Friday and walked to the Arc de Triomphe while snow fell and we passed Christmas shops. We stopped into one designer store when the snow fell hard for 15 minutes and pretended I was really interested in a 300e wallet. We saw the Eiffel Tour at night and Notre Dame on Saturday and Sunday morning.

Speaking of Notre Dame - that is where I got to go to Mass! I can't believe I got to celebrate the first Sunday of Advent in such a significant church - it was beautiful! Monday a lot of things were closed so we just walked around, got a final crepe treat and made our way back to England - where there is snow!

Once we arrived in London we found out our train was cancelled because of inclement weather. We had to make an extra transfer on a different train but made it home at about 11 where it was snowing with maybe an inch on the ground. We loved our time in Paris, but it was good to sleep in a more familiar and comfy bed.

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