Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ultrasound Pic

You can tell we took a picture of the picture - sorry for the glare from the flash. This picture gives a clear view of the head in profile and one of her legs. We saw those legs kicking away on Friday and they must be getting stronger because the taps I have been feeling for the past week or two have just increased to kicks that can actually move out my stomach. I hope dad gets to feel them soon!


  1. Wait, do you know it's a girl now?? So excited for you guys. Thanks for all the posts on here, it's great to keep up with your life in the UK :-) See you in the Spring!

  2. Well we don't know 100% but it looked like it at the ultrasound and I've had a feeling the whole time

  3. What a great pic! He...She....whatever this baby is loved already! Wait til the sisterhood gets a hold of your little one :)