Monday, November 1, 2010

It's a date

Part of my to do list for today was to schedule my 20 wk scan. Here they are pretty strict about having the scan right at 20 weeks. Apparently my doctor only does scans on Fridays so I convinced them to let me go the Friday before 20 wks. I will have my scan Friday evening on Nov 12th. That's only 11 days away! I can't wait to have baby's first picture.

In other news, we went to York on Saturday. It is only a 25 minute train ride and the city has a lot of history and museums. We didn't go into any museums because we took a 2 hour walking tour in the morning. Our tour guide was a character and explained to us in more detail about bonfire night (coming up this Friday) when people celebrate that Parliament almost got blown up but didn't. Apparently the person that put the gun powder in place was baptized in York. It was a beautiful town with some beautiful gardens. It felt more like fall walking around there with leaves on the ground. I've gone to a park in Leeds with a few trees but not enough to get the fall feeling.

Yes, the English celebrated Halloween last night, but we didn't. I felt a bit under the weather Sat and Sun so we relaxed and tried to catch up on Bones. So far we have been able to get through 2 1/2 episodes while here. I'm so glad I got to see the season premier before we left and it is the one show I hope to catch up on when I return home. While I was resting Will booked a hotel for our Paris trip. We will be "celebrating" Thanksgiving by seeing the Mona Lisa and Eiffel Tower.

Pictures to come from our York trip

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  1. I've been thinking about you and Will and the baby... I can't wait to hear about your scan on the 12th. YIPPEE! I will try to catch you soon because I'd love to chat more and hear how you're really doing. Many blessings!