Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Comments and Books

Have I stated that we only have one closet? We have two people, one apartment and one closet. We don't have a dresser and our tv cabinet only has 4 drawers - one for socks, one for things left behind for others, and two that are almost too small to use. So I need to be careful about what I get right?

I've bought two scarves so I have accessories with European flair and...10 books. We don't have a bookcase! Now I guess you see where my weakness is in shopping. In my defense, the books I got today totaled 7 bucks (slang for pounds which is quite convenient since its a term I'm used to using) and that was for 2 paperback and 2 hardcover. I had to get the Paddington treasury to teach my husband and baby about the bear who traveled and lived in London! Now how am I going to get them all home? I might not, but Paddington comes for sure! Hopefully some of my visitors don't mind leaving a bit of room for my little treasures.

As for new comments, someone graciously told me that my comment preferences were not what I thought and you needed an account. That is no longer necessary so everyone can comment!

My new questions: what to get the lovely girls at the front desk and apartment cleaners for Christmas. They have been such a great help and I want to show I appreciate them but I don't know what to give. Any ideas?


  1. we usually have extra room in our luggage. Would love to take what we can for you. love, Melissa

  2. jenelle,

    so glad to hear you are enjoying yourself and feeling comfortable moving about. as to what to get the staff, i could bring you some satin hands for the cleaning staff. as they always have their hands in water they would probably appreciate that. we are having a great time in italy. kyla says you and william are welcome to come to florence and stay with them for a weekend. it is only a 2 hours flight. when i get home i'll send you kyla's email address. heading to rome tomorrow, should be interesting with monday being all saints day

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