Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moving, growing and changing

I'm so excited to start sharing baby news as I'm sure family and friends from home have been waiting for a while. I just couldn't bring myself to write about it until I knew I had a doctor. The first appointment is a week from today and soon after I will schedule my ultrasound which they simply call a scan.

I'm 15 weeks along which means my baby has been growing for 13 weeks and I have known for 11. I'm amazed I kept my big mouth shut on the internet and everyone else did the same - no FB leaks that I've discovered. I have quite recently developed a baby bump, but I still fit in my normal pair of jeans which amazes me. I only brought one non-maternity pair of pants to England and that is what I have been wearing most of the time. My little one is now about 4 inches long and weighs 2.5 ounces. Baby says that is about the size of an apple for
people who would like a visual. And here is another one:

Although I have not felt movement yet, my little one has been active for over a month and can move all limbs quite well. The eyes are still shut but can sense light. I'm told if I shine a flashlight at my bump the baby will swim away.

I get so excited when I see pictures of how a person, so tiny, looks so much like babies already born. I know the little life is already special and has been since conception. I am amazed at how much I learn about being a mom every day. The love and sacrifices come before you hear the cries. Though I have been lucky to not have severe sickness, I have struggled a bit and I'm finding it harder to sleep for more than a couple hours at a time. As long as that means the baby is growing happily, I'm quite alright with a little discomfort. It is teaching me to be more flexible in my time and priorities although I know the birth will include another huge wake up call in that regard.

I'm amazed the internet has let me write this much. I'll post this now and hopefully pictures by tomorrow :-D

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