Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This is a test...

... to see who is actually reading my blog. I want comments that contain answers. It's quite easy to comment. Just click where it says 0 comments (or however many I've gotten so far), write in the box and hit post comment. You don't need an account to participate.

So I wanted to come up with some great, thought-provoking questions but none seem super exciting. Instead I will ask a practical one so you can help me answer when I meet new people.

What is your favorite thing about America?
How would you describe a stereotypical American (or midwesterner, Michigander, etc)?
What is your stereotype of British people?

I was asked all of these questions and more when I met some of Will's co-workers for dinner and it took me a while to remember some stereotypes of the British. So here is your chance to get involved in the blog world - what are some answers you would give?


  1. Jenelle, I’ve so enjoyed reading your updates from England! It is incredibly difficult to isolate only one “favorite thing” about the United States. This time of year especially, I appreciate our system of constitutionally limited government and the opportunity to elect our representatives. I also love our wide open spaces and the great natural diversity in our country.

    I’ll have to think a bit on the stereotypes and get back with you. I hope you, Will, and your little one are all doing well!

  2. Oh, I don't think the stereotypical American is a very nice character, so it's definitely good to clarify a stereotypical person from a region of the US! My stereotype of midwesterners is fantastic... but seeing as I'm from there, I might be a bit biased ;)

    Hm, stereotypes of British? Reserved and a bit haughty, to be honest. Sorry British folks!

  3. I agree with the stereotype, and they laugh at it. It's not true of the folks around here. I'm more reserved than all of them!

  4. Ok, here I go:
    1) Hot water! Hands down my favorite thing about America...especially after being in Mexico those two months.
    2) Loud. We definiately seem to be louder than everyone else in the world.
    3) Proper. Hopefully that wasn't an offensive answer :)
    Haha, I like how people started to get antsy about comments lately, makes me feel less alone! I think I originally thought that it was weird to comment on blogs. But then I realized a while back that its creepier (and truly stalking) to just read blogs and never comment, so you might as well own up and admit you're reading! That way its not stalking anymore because the person knows :)

  5. Hey Jenelle!

    I would have to say my favorite thing about America is just the amount of diversity that is everywhere and always presenting a lesson for us to experience. I would say the typical American is always running around busy with work, school, family, etc. Not sure about the British stereotypes...

    It's so nice to know what you've been up to while you're so far away! Hope you're all doing well! Miss you! Lauren <3

  6. 1) good or bad we have everything. We hav tremendous natural resources, beautiful landscapes, tremendous wealth, fresh water. We also hav proverty and urban blight decay.

    2) Midwesterners hav no accent. We r just mellow folks who luv sports and hate politics

    3) when I think of england I think of pubs serving warm pints and rugby

  7. It does not *feel* easy to comment on your blog since I am not usually signed into google and doing so takes about the same amount of time as a short comment.

    "What is your favorite thing about America?"
    That I live here. ;-) No really, it is hard to give a good answer since I have never lived anywhere else, and there is so much diversity in "America."

    "How would you describe a stereotypical American (or midwesterner, Michigander, etc)?"
    Midwesterners are nice, friendly, and not as smart as they think they are. ;-) And they totally have an accent! "Trash" should be one syllable!

    "What is your stereotype of British people?"
    An elitist split between the privileged and the "common" that cannot be overcome, and the privileged dominate the stereotype for me.

  8. Rae

    First, I fixed the comments so you can be anonymous - I don't remember ever changing it from that so I didn't realize you needed an ID

    Second, I have never heard the word "trash" be more than one syllable and can't imagine how the mid westerners you know split it up. The people I know don't

  9. 1)My favorite thing is choice. Government, Doctors, etc, we have much more of a say in our lives than they do in many places.
    2)When I think of Michiganders I think of using your hand to give directions. I do it for other states when I know it doesn't make since.
    3)When I think of England, I think of people being proper. I also think of all the little country homes, even though I know there is more than enough city life.


  10. I'm reading. My favorite thing about America is that some people actually appreciate the fact that my husband is gone more than he is home...because our government tells him to be.

    My stereotype is my British friend... who is most likely not stereotypical, but I still love him.

  11. Jenelle,

    1) My favorite thing about America is our troops in the armed services. I can't even sing our national anthem entirely myself because I start crying. I think of all our wonderful troops helping people all over the world, fighting to protect our way of life and figthing to bring that way fo life to others and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

    2) Michiganders are cold...well at this time of year at least we are. Michiganders are a tough breed, proud and loyal. We work hard and play even harder :-)

    3) British sterotypes...ummm, bad teeth? Just joking...I would have to say either prim & proper or having a raucus good time. I also think great indian food when I think of Britain (my friend, Andy, is from Britain and he misses the good indian food).

  12. Indian food is right. I was on a walking tour and at the end the guide said he would point us to good lunch places. Someone wanted a "traditional" English meal and he sarcastically said Indian food! I haven't seen bad teeth where I am, but the people on tv definitely don't have to whiten them as part of their job.