Monday, October 4, 2010

Are you from the states love?

I just love the way Britains talk. I'm always so 'loved' by them. As we have continued exploring the city, we have noticed a few more things. This is definitely a university town with a very good nightlife and restaurant scene. We really lucked out on the food because outside the city we told it is awful. While walking around on Saturday we saw a lot of students walking around with buckets collecting money for breast cancer research. It seems like a lot of the volunteer work is done that way as I saw someone for red cross when leaving the supermarket.

Another volunteer was handing out comics and I thought I would ask more information. Since I opened my mouth, he figured out I'm from the states. When I said Michigan he said he loves it there. I'm shocked at how many people make it to the area. Our waiter on Friday night has a girlfriend in Toronto though he hasn't made it to Michigan yet, but he's been to 20 other states though - wow!

As a final side note, Will says I'm already starting to talk like the British - I think that would be fun, but I'm not trying. It will be an easy accent to pick up though since it is not one that involves leaving out letters.

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