Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend we stayed put and had a lovely time. We went out to dinner with coworkers and their significant others. I'm so glad I had cereal right before leaving! We got to the original bar at 6:15 and moved to a restaurant for dinner at 8:45! I wasn't even the one complaining about being hungry though :-)

Saturday we visited the Royal Armories Museum. It is a great place with free admission. We stayed there for a couple hours and then walked back to the Corn Exchange. The Exchange is apparently an iconic building in the town that is now full of a fancy restaurant and shops. We looked around but ate across the street. Amazing stromboli with lots of spinach so I could feel healthy for me and the baby.

Sunday we found the church! There is a Catholic Cathedral downtown that seems quite active. There are a couple masses on Sundays at 3 times for daily mass. Hopefully I start making it to some of them. Sunday we also did some shopping (for food and books) and relaxing. It was a wonderful weekend in our new home.

Sunday we also successfully video chatted with some of my family at home. Hopefully this becomes more of a routine soon.

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