Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Yesterday Will and I went to a football game. It was exciting and ended in a score of 2-2. The stadium was uncovered and it was close to freezing so most of us were bundled up in hats and gloves with some of the more extreme fans painting chests and going without some of those layers.
It was an interesting experience because I admittedly do not know all the rules for the game. I did know the rule that once you are out of the game - you're out. No subbing back in later. I didn't realize that if you fall and the trainer comes to check on your injury you don't have to go out, just run to the sideline until you feel like signaling the official you're ready and he will wave you back in. In the meantime, don't take too long because your team is playing without you or anyone to take your place. I thought that was quite unusual. I will also never understand the ref's calls on free kick v. yellow card. It's so subjective - I would never choose to officiate a football game!

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