Monday, June 21, 2010

Patient Woman

This morning my husband's alarm went off at 4:20am. He is now on his way to California and I am left to manage the house alone while he is gone. I'm spoiled with a husband that rarely has to travel for work so I did not like this, especially since he was gone for a week earlier this month.

I finally pulled myself out of bed at 9:20 - just late enough to know Mass was just finishing and I would not get to start my day with the peace that brings. My own fault really - but still upsetting. I went downstairs and got sidetracked by some great blogs before working out. Yes! One thing off my intended to do list. The day is looking up...

As I started working out, I glanced at the mantle over the fireplace. Next to a few candles are two wonderful items that made me feel quite thankful today. One is a bust of Mary and the other was a small container containing her image from her last residence (Ephesus, Turkey). The container holds water from the stream that helped keep her alive at her home in the years after Jesus' death and resurrection. So, to finally get to my point...

I was reminded of the life of Mary who brought our God into this world. She was blessed with that amazing task, but was not saved from intense suffering. She was patient while people accused her of adultery and gave up her son on the cross. She obediently accepted this task and patiently waited for nine months to meet this mysterious baby. I'm sure she had to wait much longer to realize why it was he was created through the Holy Spirit - what would he do with his life?

Her whole life inspires me and today reminded me of something so important. I have no reason to pout about the absence of my husband. He is providing for me and there are many ways I can patiently serve and love while he is gone. Here's hoping the revelation stays fresh in my mind all week!

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