Monday, June 28, 2010

Extending benefits

Before I get to my main topic, let me lead in with my inspiration. Yesterday was my 2 yr wedding anniversary and it was wonderful. We watched our wedding video, laughed about some great moments, and I enjoyed listening to my uncle sing Ave Maria - highlight of the music part of the wedding. Then we went to a fabulous restaurant and walked a downtown area afterwards. While walking, my husband brought up something his company had done recently...

They extended benefits to more people. Benefits are great! Getting paid time off, sick leave, health insurance and so many other things a company can include with salary are incentives to take (or keep) the job. This can be extra incentive if they are amazing and are inclusive of your whole family. I'm lucky my husband has a good job with these benefits so I can sit home in the summer without a job and not worry about money. However, I already had this privilege that some other people are just getting. What group am I talk about? same-sex partners

Now, I am not brave enough to approach this topic head on for a whole post, but I thought I would share my original reaction. My husband brought it up as a question - how would he respond to questions about his feeling on the policy. The words that came out of my mouth (before really thinking it through - surprise surprise) were actually words I still stand behind after thinking. I'm glad the company treats its employees well and listened to the group that felt mistreated, but it is not a lifestyle I support. Even that is edgy though. I can just see a reporter asking the question, us answering, and being quoted "it is not a lifestyle I support."

Although I like the way I answered with a positive first but sticking to my morals and beliefs second, I wonder how other people would answer. How would you approach the topic in a loving way? Would you go in depth with someone you don't know well or only those who know you well? Feel free be braver than I and write a whole post on same-sex unions. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. I think that's awesome. What if they decided to deny benefits to people who decided to live greedy lives? Or covetous lives? Or those who lived with someone before they were married?

    I really like your response, but I probably - if asked - would've left my personal beliefs out of it. If someone wanted to know they could ask, and the subject is equal rights then it doesn't matter whether I approve of the lifestyle or not, ya know?

    Kind of weighty for my first comment on your blog! :D Hehe! I found you through Elizabeth Esther's website and am really enjoying reading! Keep it up. :)