Friday, June 11, 2010

Quick Takes - Take One

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With the new blog I thought I would start something new. Conversion Diary has been hosting this for a while and I have been holding out. Never wanting to take the time to be "quick" At least number one definitely fits this category


I am very excited about getting to know some of my neighbors. Their daughter was born in March and I got to watch their older daughter and nephews while everyone was at the hospital. Now the baby is all grown up and mom is off to work. I get to watch her Monday and I watched her once last week - so precious!


I'm also super excited for summer. I taught on Monday and Tuesday, but school is just about out for the summer. Oh what to do? There is the scrapbook of the cruise, a t-shirt quilt, time on boat with family and friends, camping trips, weddings, and more. I love summer!


Before everyone gets too jealous about all my free time, I will tell you I do work summer school for four weeks and will be volunteering at a pregnancy center among other things. I'm not just slacking off all summer. I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze in some time to get some quality vitamin D that some people might call sun :-D


Have I ever mentioned I have cats? I do...but they think they are dogs. Most of my guests agree. They think it is crazy that my cats will come when called, they get upset if you leave them in another room and they are just starved for attention. Anyone know how to teach them they are cats and not puppies? Sometime they are just too starved for attention and I can't get work done.


My big success for this week: having dinner planned each night for my husband and doing the dishes. I somehow made it past the 4pm slump and kept the kitchen picked up all week. My husband actually enjoys cooking, so it is not often he gets time off to relax in other ways.


My reward for my success: we are having friends out and, weather permitting, taking out my in-laws boat. We will then be hopping off and walking to get pizza to eat on the boat - no cooking or dishes! Have a great weekend


  1. We had so much fun with you guys :-) We are so blessed to call you and your wonderful husband our friends!