Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am the type of person that tends to worry a bit. I worry about getting my to do list done and where I will be in 5 or 10 years. It's quite the bad habit, but it sticks around anyway. It is hard to find peace when you are worried.

Yesterday was quite the opposite for me (Thank God). It is nice to have days filled with if only I could replicate them day after day - maybe I can. How did my day start off? I went to adoration. Usually I do not feel a whole different when leaving, but this time I was filled with peace. The rest of my day was effortless, and not complicated at all. I got my to do list done and even had time to read and pick up a movie.

I had a friend over for dinner and it was nice to have some company while hubby is off enjoying California. She is getting married soon and is actually using NFP (which I taught her)! Yay! But the most amazing highlight of my day was when she mentioned something about her cycles and I had a decent answer. What is more amazing is that I'm pretty sure that answer did not come from me. When I said it my reaction was "who said that" and "I don't remember learning that in my training session" so I went to my reference book to get the real, educated answer. Amazingly enough, it was the same answer I already gave. Was the Holy Spirit actually working through me? I'm not sure...I don't want to get a big head here, but it was a peaceful day and the answer just came naturally and without judgement (hopefully my friend agrees :-D). Maybe this could be a sign I am on the right path with some of the changes I am making - I hope so!

What are some peaceful moments you have enjoyed recently?


  1. that's so funny you wrote that on my post because sometimes it feels like adoration is the only place i feel completely at peace too! of course that's probably not a coincidence :)

  2. glad you have a spot to turn to

  3. That is great! I sometimes struggle with letting go of my stress enough to really find peace in adoration, but it is still *good*.

  4. Definitely, I'm the same way sometimes that's why I stated many times I feel about the same :-( No matter what it is good to be in his presence