Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quick Takes (2)


We were out of internet part of this week. The wireless went out and I'm at a loss of how to fix that so I plugged into the modem and no luck. Comcast came out at 5:30 on a Friday evening to solve the problem. I felt so bad, he ended up staying 2 hours because our house is wired really bad with too many splitters - all of which we need for one tv and one computer.


On Thursday I saw a commercial and wanted to write a post about it - but no internet. I've realized why I try to go with natural therapies before medicine. The medical companies have a lot of money to brag about how wonderful their product is and then give misleading information (as in not enough) about their product. Let me explain...


Did you know Bayer (the aspirin co) has numerous birth control products available? That was the commercial that said go to to find out more. They list many ways to prevent pregnancy but NFP is not one of them. They also don't list very many side effects - so are they really informing women?! In their defense, though quite small, you can click on something to get to a page that lists links to other websites that may have information about NFP. So can you see why I didn't like that commercial?


Next week my husband gets to go to California and see Mountainview aka Google HQ. He will be there all week and I will be back in MI hopefully enjoying some more beautiful summer weather :-)


School is out for the summer so I didn't really work this week. But I did
watch my 3 mo old neighbor
volunteer at the pregnancy
spend all day Friday on the boat
What a great week!


For those of you extremely jealous, know I am suffering from a sunburn on my back. I thought I had sunblock on but I missed a few spots resulting in a back that looks like a school kid's art project - oops!


So I'm a day late - no internet remember - so I can say what happened this morning. I went to a NFP meeting. Nothing super exciting about that. However, on the way back we ran across a huge motorcycle group. So that you understand what I mean by huge - it was a procession that lasted three light cycles - they had us blocked so we couldn't go when the light turned green for us. At first I thought this was slightly illegal, but then we saw a cop helping out. How do you get a permit for that?

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