Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick Takes (3)


This weekend will be my two year anniversary! Last year we went to a B&B and loved it! This year..... well... last year we went to a B&B and ate an amazing (freshly made) mini-version of our wedding cake. This year we are spending the whole day together (including getting up and going to Mass) but that is about the whole plan...maybe golfing. That could be an adventure since neither of us have golfed in years.


Remember how laid-back summer used to be? I remember walking out the door in the morning as a kid and walking back inside. I would go to my mom and proclaim "it's hot, time to go to the beach." All I had to worry about was getting the awful sand off my feet when it was time to go home. Any party was kept track of by my mom. I never had to think about how to attend them all. Then I moved out. Now I'm stuck looking at the calendar and how so many things overlap like my aunt coming in from Florida the same weekend as an out of town shower - but I'm going to it all. Hopefully my weekends will return....Aug 20th.


Glad my weekends are full - my summer job doesn't start until July 12th so I am enjoying some summer relaxation on the boat and reading until then with a little volunteer work squeezed in ;-) I haven't gotten bored yet...


I finally told the officers in my pro-life group that I will be vacating my role after the fall board member elections. It is nice to know I'm moving forward with my decision, but a frustrating meeting.


I decided on Sunday that I would once again get on the healthy eating bandwagon. Yes, I eat healthy, but I also eat sweets. I decided I would cut them out completely (of course that doesn't include sweet fruit - I need something). I also decided I would not eat after dinner because I really don't need that food. I failed on both accounts this week. Just once or twice. Who can say no to leftover wedding cake when the director of the pregnancy center offers it to you? I know who can't.... At least I can try again next week.... but does my anniversary count?


Sunday (my anniversary) is also the day the owners of the house I'm sitting come home from China for the summer. The million dollar question: will they stop by? Probably not until the next day... but it is hard to communicate with people in China - sometimes the emails don't make it to the other person. Good thing I don't have to coordinate moving out since they can stay with friends for a bit.


And I saved the best for husband comes home today! I can't wait to see him and kickoff our anniversary weekend :-D

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