Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My 15 minutes are over

Well Monday was a lot of fun. I was in the paper and got to brag about how I made it to the front page. I felt almost famous and glad the paper came out. Then I saw there were over 300 comments on the article. Most were negative, and many were ignorant rants - no problem. I knew we would get that response because we are reaching the secular spheres! How amazing is that?

So what is my reaction now once the spotlight is gone? It's hard to put into words. I'm excited people heard about the effectiveness and the fact that 25 yr olds actually use it, but it is hard to convince someone of anything through one article as evidenced by comments. People read it because they wanted to see for themselves how outdated the system is
. One person even argued that we are stuck in the 50s and 60s even though the article made a clear distinction between rhythm and scientific modern methods. So how do you convince people?

I've talked a lot to my co-workers (none Catholic) in the past weeks since it was what was happening in my life - hey I got interviewed! I got photographed! It's on the front page. Lots of discussion have started about how I like the method, it's not that much abstinence, it's healthy and safe and less annoying than barriers. The response "I support you and your getting the word out, but I don't believe the same thing."

I have been solidly reminded that we live in an age of moral relativism. I'm glad you believe that and practice what you preach - that's what is right for you. That's not what is right for me. Maybe I'm making a leap to put those words in their mouths. Or maybe I'm not, because if they are supporting me that means they think I'm doing something right, but they don't want to practice it themselves? Either they are lazy or don't think that is the "right" thing for them - meaning there are different rules for different people.

So to conclude - I would rather have nasty comments than acceptance in word but not in action. There is nothing harder for me to take than someone that agrees this is important but doesn't evaluate how it could be important in his or her life. Think Athiest turned Catholic or Paul after he converted - those stories are amazing. Then think of lukewarm responses that don't get applied to life. Matthew 6:37: Simply let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.

300 comments didn't bother me, but just a couple co-workers did even though they were trying to be nice. I think this topic is pretty much closed for now, but anyone have ideas how to get the lukewarm out of their discussions and put some meaning back into them?


  1. I read the article and I think what you did was AWESOME and am incredibly proud of you. Its amazing how people can ignore something even when its right in front of their face. My favorite was that last couple who was interviewed and said "yeah, great, but we're not going to use it." Way to get it out there, though.
    About changing their minds, you're in it for the long haul now. Your life is an example to them now that they know and I'm sure you'll be called upon again to witness, maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but sometime in the future for sure. You never know what people are thinking! I have a friend that ignored the topic after I first mentioned it to her but every few months she'll ask me a question about it and I'll be able to answer again. Not too long ago they wanted to give my information to a friend who was using the pull-out method. They may not agree with your reasons for using it, but they'll see the fruits and that NFP works by your example. Sorry for the long comment :)

  2. No apologies needed for long comments - I like them! I know it is not likely to change people's minds in the short run and only God can see all that happens from witnessing in ways like this article. I just feel so defenseless sometimes. To whom much is given, much is expected....

    I have much information, but I don't know how to help people hear it and sometimes only God knows I guess

  3. I got the same response. No idea what else to do, but pray!

  4. Great post! This is something I'm going to mull over. I wish I had some suggestions, but I don't. I guess just to agree with Alison, you did the right thing in witnessing to them and always being open to continuing to do that, and praying that God works on their hearts in the meantime.