Monday, July 26, 2010

NFP awareness week

It is NFP awareness week but I honestly don't know who organizes it. Is it the US Catholic Bishops? After all, NFP does seem to be a Catholic term for fertility awareness as a means of planning your family size.

If it is organized by the Church, I wonder why it is not talked about. Honestly, I need to criticize myself first for not really looking into it - I mean I work on awareness all the time right? I just find it a little sad that the church I went to yesterday while I was up north had no information and no announcement. How can we raise awareness like that, and who are we trying to educate? Maybe I should try to find the answers to that, or maybe I should work on building awareness that I have another class starting in September that I haven't let anyone know about - oops! Yep, I guess first on my list is building awareness for my class.

What have you seen that relates to this week?

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  1. It's sponsored by the USCCB:

    Our parish bulletin did have an announcement about it, though the homily I heard did not include it. The issue of how and how much priests discuss this is quite interesting, I think. Some of them were not taught things like TOB, so I don't know how equipped they are to preach about it. However, some priests are just too afraid to bring it up, which is a pity. I hear some of the NFP crowd tries to encourage their priests to bring it up, for example through face to face talks and/or letters sent to them.