Friday, July 2, 2010

Quick Takes (4)


Yesterday I had a BBQ with my neighbors. I made pulled pork and we ate outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. What a great and relaxing evening, I love summer :-D


I started scrapbooking my Mediterranean vacation. With the help of my mom, we finished 7 pages and that doesn't even cover all of Rome - we haven't even gotten on the cruise ship yet. This is going to be a rather large book.


Both cats had vet visits this week. I got peed on three times while trying to get one ready. Then I found out it wasn't just because he was nervous, it was due to the fact he was so backed up his bowel was pressing against his bladder making it impossible for him to hold it while I picked him up - poor thing


Speaking of the poor thing, x-rays revealed arthritis and he is now on 3 medications. 2 for his bones and one for digestive health (aka Miralax). What a high maitenence but lovable kitty!


They say that weather doesn't actually cause headaches, I hear that and joint pain are just myths because of correlation (you remember a stormy day more than every other day you have pain for "no reason") but I really seemed to get a weather induced migraine this week. Monday it was really hot and Tuesday I was cold in long pants. I also had the worst migraine I've had in years - coincidence? Maybe - but I don't want to go through that again... I'm feeling much better now.


Yesterday I got a call from the NFP coordinator in my area. I'm teaching a class next week and a reporter asked to come and observe/interview us. I might be in the newspaper.


Happy Fourth of July! I will be seeing fireworks and spending lots of time with family and friends, more BBQs and time on the lake. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend.

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