Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quick Takes (6)


I'm a day late because I was moving out of my house yesterday...


I moved out because I am house-sitting and the family is home for a couple of weeks. I took food, clothes, computer, pillows etc to my in-laws to stay for a while. We have a luxury sweet with an attached full bath, but right by the door. I definitely heard what time my brother-in-law came in last night. On the bright side, I currently live on the lake :-D

I got my picture taken this morning for the paper! Hubby and I will be in the free press discussing how awesome NFP really is. It was awkward getting our pictures taken though. He said act natural - but I never really succeed at that when there is a camera in my face. I wouldn't be very good at being famous I think...


We are about to go out of town for a wedding shower. I love the fun of seeing family and this one is a couples shower so no silly games, just catching up with people from out of town. Here's hoping the the sleeping arrangements in the basement don't prevent me from getting some rest - I don't do well when I hear snoring. Let's hope my husband never starts that...


This week was my first week at my summer job. I have been very busy! It is hard work, but I love the kids.


My aunt is also in from out of town. So this week has been crazy! It is good to see her and my cousin and we're going to a Tigers game on Monday - but I wish some of these things would spread out. Everything seemed to fall in this weekend and we couldn't say yes to everything.


Wow - I made it to seven before I was told we are leaving - I think this is the fastest that I've ever written a post - hope it made sense! Have a great weekend everyone

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