Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quick Takes (5)


July 3rd my husband and I got to watch a professional firework show on the lake where our parents live. It was also my brother-in-law's graduation (from college) party. It was a relaxing and fun evening and the weather was beautiful and quite warm!


For the fourth we went to a cook-out with fabulous newlywed friends. We all made chili and those who didn't got to judge since they were impartial. The judges were great and came up with wonderfully creative prizes. We won best buffet chili because they wanted to go back for more :-D


My husband had Monday and Tuesday off from work so we got to spend some time relaxing on the lake. We also watched part of the Holland v. Uruguay match.


Tuesday wasn't all that relaxing though - my husband had an allergic reaction and needed time and 2 benedryl to feel better. He is much better, but it was a little scary for both of us while going through it. My not as horrible day was busy with errands and skiing. Skiing is definitely not work, but my arms are a bit sore from it.


Wednesday I spent a number of hours personalizing conjugal love and nfp slides for a presentation I will be giving on Saturday. I even fit in some of my own wedding pictures. I also gave a vocab lesson on conjugal love and other terms as well as an explanation of why I don't use the word sex very often. The reason I don't use the word often is because I feel that word brings to mind the cheapened and superficial physical activity shown in the media. The more exciting part of this preparation is that there may be a reporter from a major area paper observing the class and interviewing me after - how cool would that be?


I continued my scrapbook Thursday. I am now through nearly half the cruise and have 15 pages complete. There will probably be about 7 more. My mom and I have made a great team on this project. I can't wait to see the finished product. Hopefully we will be a great team during the quilting project I want to start.


I asked my husband for one more thing - I sometimes have a hard time getting to seven. He thought I should post about how I got a fun accessory for the house. I finally got a vase to put in the corner of a very boring and empty dining room (think table and chairs...that's about all that's in there). It is a white vase with tall sticks put in it and gerber daisies around the opening. And that was all items given to me by other people. Why did it take me that long to put that together? No idea... it looks great!

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